Saturday, May 16, 2009

The President in Comic Books 3

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Truth is stranger than fiction I guess.

In the 1970's DC comics published a comic entitled "Prez". Prez was about a 19 year old kid who becomes president of the United States, made possible by a change in the constitution.

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It only lasted 4 issues, but it is interesting to note that one of Prez's antagonists was a descendant of George Washington, a leader of a militia group.

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For the last eight years, the president of the DC universe has been Lex Luthor. Strangely, things in comic book universe seem to be a bit better than the real one. Sure, there is an alien invasion a couple of times a year, but at least it's out in the open.

I'm not sure what DC was trying to do by having a villian as president, but perhaps it was a hidden indictment on the leader we had at the time.

I was going to write a little more, but it's Saturday and my wife is screaming at me to get off the computer. I will have more later....


Alex Robinson said...

LOL does your wife not understand your comic book genius! I had no idea Lex was 'king' - it seems very strange to me, who only knows him as the villian of the tv series & movies. More food for thought on an idea that fact & fiction are 'twins'.


Ed said...

My wife hates my comic book hobby. LOL. The scary thing is, if I had to choose between Bush or Luthor, I'd probably go for Luthor.