Sunday, May 31, 2009

Comic Book Synchs: Coincidence, Prophecy, Foreknowledge, or Evil Muse?

Since this blog began,I have concentrated mostly on synchs that deal primarily in comic books. I have had neumerous online conversations with people who have a theory as to how comic books can seem to have predicted 9-11, The Princess Di accident, and other world events.I don't know for sure the answer myself.

1. Foreknowledge

The events that were fortold by people having knowledge the event was going to happen beforehand. This would mean that comic book artists and writers were in on a conspiracy and allowed it to happen. I don't think this is very likely. If there is a conspiracy it probably would have been known be only a few people. I don't think people who work in comic books would be in the loop.

2. Coincidence

The various events foretold happened purely by chance. I don't buy this, because one time could be a coincidence, but over ten times is beyond chance.

3. Evil Muse

The writers and artists in question were inspired by a supernatural being with malevolent purposes. It's possible, but why would a muse want to foretell of a tragic event? This theory would seem to indicate that by telling a story, you are increasing the chances of it coming true. Alan Moore believes this, and I suppose it is possible.

4. Prophecy

The writers and artist in question could see in their mind future events that were yet to take place. I find this theory the most likely, due to my view of things. I believe the fourth dimension is outside of time in the way the third dimension is outside of a photograph. In the fourth dimension, all time is happening at once, and certain aspects of the fourth dimension can exist in the third, but only like the way we exist in a two dimensional photograph.

I'm not trying to change peoples thinking, I'm just typing down the different theories. I am not rigid in my own thinking, and whatever you believe you are welcome in mecury's Garden.

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