Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardening and Lawn Tips

Today at Mercury’s Garden, I am going to go off topic for a moment and talk about gardening and lawn care.  With the soaring cost of food prices, I am really looking forward to growing my own vegetables this year. In years past, I have sworn off unnatural fertilizer and bug spray, but the problem is I usually end up with a crappy looking garden with lots of bug eaten vegetables.

I also have a double lot that tends to get lots of weeds. I take a weed whacker to them, but the line of the whacker usually breaks, and I replace it only to have it break again. I don’t like the idea of weed killer and lawn fertilizer, because if kids and household pets roll around in the grass, they get the fertilizer on them.
It’s always been my belief that when you put fertilizer on your plants, no matter how much you wash them you are eating the fertilizer as well as the food. I don’t like getting sick, and I don’t like my family getting sick even more. So this year, to ensure that I have a magnificent garden and a great looking lawn, I am going to use organic fertilizers and bug killers. ringer fertilizer is a product that is 100% organic

Remember; be careful what you put in and on your body, and happy gardening.

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