Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The President in Comic Books 4

This is the final section I am doing on the presidents in comic books. Before I move on to the modern comics, I want to take some time to post a couple of covers I overlooked earlier.

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There seems to be some sort of fascination among comic book writers concerning Lincoln. It is interesting to note that the Lincoln Memorial is in a Greek Temple, and the Lincoln statue contained inside is something of a copy of the statue of Zeus.

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There are a couple of imaginary tales where Superman is the president. YOu would think they would craft the story around one man having too much power, but it usually ends up a better world when Superman is comander in cheif. Since he was born on Krypton, I wonder how he dealt with the natural born citizen issue?

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There have'nt been to many covers showing GWB, but I think this one suits him best. But isn't a hundred years just passing along the problem to someone else?

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I don't have this issue, but I did thumb through it in the comic book store. GW was actually an alien in disguise, so that is why the Dragon is hitting him. This cover and the next one are sure to drive some mad with it's symbolism.

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Does the Savage Dragon represent the galactic center of the Milky Way, or is he symbolic of an alien lizard race? I don't know.

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Obama is fast becoming a comic book celebrity. I'm a bit wary of giving anyone a free pass just because the last guy was horrible.

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Funny cover here. I feel like that as I try to find a way to pay my bills and keep my wife happy, all the while raising the kids. Maybe if I can get through some of my problems, it will help the world out just a little bit. Or maybe the world is out to get me. I just don't know, and I won't till I am able to wade through this mess.


Alex Robinson said...

Interesting that Lincoln pops up so much, it's as if at certain event, the world stops & a 'reset button' is pushed - Lincoln & Kennedy have the feel of this IMHO.

Word veri = copump - co-pump - could those two presidents be some kind of 'historical pairing pump system' - with a push-me-pull-you effect on history - sorry I lack the technical know how to expand on this, even after looking up pumps on wiki!

Best to you as always & I hope things get a whole lot better for you.

Ed said...

Hello Alex

I am sure you know about the synchs between the two presidents. Lincoln was killed in Ford Theatre, Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln automobile, which is produced by Ford.

I saw a fascinating documentary on Discovery channel about the 20 year curse, which was broken by Nancy Reagan who used some kind of hoodoo of her own.