Monday, May 11, 2009

The President in Comic Books Part 1

During the Bush Administration, the president of the United States in the DC Comics universe was Lex Luthor. Sure you had a fake alien invasion or two, and Superman got hassled quite a bit, Lex Luthor brought jobs and brilliant scientific discoveries to America! If I had to choose between the two, I would have probably voted for Luthor.

Presidents in comics is a fascinating topic to explore. In the forties, presidents were displayed as heroes, like in this Roosevelt pic.

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Most stories with a president had a story about that particular president, and you rarely found any fiction.

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A notable exception was Kid Eternity stories. Kid Eternity and his Grandpa were trying to escape the Nazis, but they were gunned down. Kid Eternity found himself at the gates of heaven, but he was refused entry because he had died 75 years before he was supposed to. He was returned to Earth and given the power to raise the dead, and command them. He could bring in Billy the Kid to shoot it out with bank robbers,or summon Hercules to upright an overturned car. His modern stories lack the same appeal the older ones had for me.

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In this issue, Kid Eternity stops the "shoe", who is a supervillian that throws his shoes at politicians.

In the sixties, we started seeing presidents pop up in comic book storylines.

Part 2 should be coming soon.

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